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`Download Book ⇺ Final DOOM Game Secrets ☂ Quench your appetite for final destruction Everything you need to terminate the Final Doom episodes Evilution and Plutonia is uncovered in this ultimate guide Annihilate all 32 levels with detailed custom maps Use Network Play to form your own hit team Uncover arsenals of rocket launchers, plasma rifles, and BFG 9000s for serious firepower Lock and load with Energy Cells, rockets, and crates of ammo to terminate with extreme prejudice Massacre Cyberdemons with new hit and run tactics Feast on Mega Spheres, Blur Artifiacts, Radiation Suits, Invunerability Artifacts, Soul Spheres, Light Amplification Goggles, and More There has been nothing to equal thisultimate guide since you first went berserk in hell Longlive DOOM About the AuthorPrima Creative Services is a team of gaming experts that has produced over 60 strategy guides for Prima Publishing, and collectively has two decades of experience in the gaming magazine field.