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[ Free Book ] ☨ Testing Kate ♿ No one is better than Kate Bennett at playing by the rules because no one has quite her knack for running into bad luck Orphaned while in college, Kate handled her loss by graduating with honors and acquiring a secure job and a dependable boyfriend But now, with her thirtieth birthday around the corner, Kate decides it s time to shake things up She quits her job, breaks up with her long term boyfriend, and U Hauls it across the country for her first year at Tulane Law School Too bad nothing in the Big Easy is quite so easy.Before she knows it, Kate finds her life turned upside down by a notoriously sadistic professor, a larger than life new boss and two interested men who are sure that she s The One But can either of the men in her life really know Kate, when she s just getting to know herself In a year of self discovery, the most important lesson Kate may learn is that to change your luck, sometimes you have to change your mind including what you thought was your dream.