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[[ Book ]] ☔ The Abominable Snowman Adventure ☝ The Expedition To Investigate And If Possible Observe The Abominable Snowman First Took Shape In The Minds Of Ralph Izzard And Tom Stobart In The Base Camp Of TheBritish Everest Expedition And Is Materialisation Was Due To The Daily Mail, Which Financed ItIt Was, However, No Stunt Its First Aim Was To Find What Truth There Was In The Stories Of The Yeti , As The Tibetans Know The Abominable Snowman This Mysterious Creature, Whose Tracks Have Been Seen By Many Climbers, And Whom The Tibetans Describe As A Hairy Animal, Walking On Two Legs, Manlike, And Making A Mewing Call, Proved Elusive, But The Expedition Amassed A Great Deal Of Evidence And Came To Some Extremely Interesting Conclusions As To Its Nature And Habits In Addition They Studied The Plants And Animals Of The Himalayas And The Life Of Sherpa Villages