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More side stories fluf for young readers and die hard fanboys This can be read in an hour or so and it isn t a heavy read by any stretch. @Download Pdf Í The Bartokk Assassins â A band of Bartokk assassins is in possession of many unusual Trade Federation starfightersThey have also kidnapped an innocent childThe Bartokks must be stoppedMore than one life hangs in the balance Fun book for kids Obi Wan has to chase after Bartokk assassins to save a young Talz A fun read for children and their parents. Suitable forages 8 and those who have seen the films.Obi Wan goes after the assassins, a direct sequel to The search for the lost jedi This one is just action sequence after action sequence, and those get a bit boring this is the novel version not the game book Kids may like it but plot and character really don t make an appearance. This book is part of a series of books that Ryder Windham wrote to tie in with the prequel Star Wars movies that were released in the early part of the 21st century This one features a young Obi Wan trying to track down a kidnapped child, and whilst there s plenty of action, this is really designed to be read by kids That s why it was published by Scholastic.