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I really enjoyed it Very interesting and informative. Couldve been better researched, couldve delivered asolid knockout punch Instead comes off as gossip, not reasearch Unfortunate as the title is very promising indeed Still an interesting bit of aromatic pabulum. Very enjoyable read A lot of the British stuff I glossed over but the chapters on THE EARLY CHURCHMEN, HOW THE GOSPELS CAME INTO BEING, FORGERY IN THE NEW TESTAMENT and HOW THE TWINS BECAME GOD were simply OUTSTANDING.In fact I am keeping the boook solely to have those 4 chapters as a reference.I did not agree 100% with the whole book But as already mentioned those 4 chapters mentioned above were a complete eye opener for me. Excellent insight into the myths of the Jesus stories. I m not a religious person, but as a person interested in history, I found this book fascinating We ve truly been lied to for thousands of years. `FREE EBOOK ⇲ The Bible Fraud: An Untold Story of Jesus Christ ⇲ The Untold Story of Jesus and His Twin Brother, Judas Khrestus Mystery and intrigue surround the church web of deceit, corruption, murder and debauchery In THE BIBLE FRAUD, you will find the truth about Rabbi Jesus and his twin brother, their birth, marriages and deaths, as well as the bloodlines that have resulted from events of that time