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#EBOOK Û The Foucault Reader ⚞ Michel Foucault was one of the most influential philosophical thinkers in the contemporary world, someone whose work has affected the teaching of half a dozen disciplines ranging from literary criticism to the history of criminology But of his many books, not one offers a satisfactory introduction to the entire complex body of his work The Foucault Reader was commissioned precisely to serve that purposeThe Reader contains selections from each area of Foucault s work as well as a wealth of previously unpublished writings, including important material written especially for this volume, the preface to the long awaited second volume of The History of Sexuality, and interviews with Foucault himself, in the course of which he discussed his philosophy at first hand and with unprecedented candorThis philosophy comprises an astonishing intellectual enterprise a minute and ongoing investigation of the nature of power in society Foucault s analyses of this power as it manifests itself in society, schools, hospitals, factories, homes, families, and other forms of organized society are brought together in The Foucault Reader to create an overview of this theme and of the broad social and political vision that underlies it