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[[ Read Epub ]] ó The Mother Of My Invention õ She insists that her daughter call her Mother, not Mom, because it sounds dignified, yet she also confides searing personal secrets to Pati There is one secret, however, that Pati does not know Her mother s death sets the author on a journey of discovery that she recounts with striking candor and droll humor Taub begins to wonder if the narcissistic Ice Queen she long ago cast in that scratchy old movie about The Woman Who Ruined My Life might be a figment of my own dysfunction The mysteries she unravels about her mother, and herself, will change her life forever I liked this book, it was a quick read and made me do some thinking about my own mother We tend to judge our mothers behavior when we really don t know the whole story We have to remember they did their best and there is so much we will never know I can only imagine how my daughter will choose to remember me over all the things I would like her to remember me by Yet she too doesn t know the whole story behind me.