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[[ Download Kindle ]] ⛅ The Online Diary of a Masochistic Submissive ò InI created an online diary a blog about my life I am a masochistic submissive and this gave others an insight into my life which, let s face it, is probably a lifestyle that isn t accessible to manyI started the diary with a few brief entries about my childhood and some of the things I went through in my early years and yes, they were abusive yearsFrom there I continue into my teen years as a prostitute and on to my adult married life with two childrenToday I am extremely content with my life and strongly feel that I have left behind anything that could be considered abusive although, as a masochist, most people would say my whole life is centred around abuse although I would disagreeThis book will not appeal to many readers I feel sure of that However, if you are curious about my life, it could be of interest to youPlease bear in mind that this book contains entries from that online diary and thus it won t read like a conventional book Each day brought some new adventures so there is no plot as suchThe book is almostA pages long so there are quite a few diary entries here