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Excellent book!!! 🎁 FREE ontoday, Saturday, 3/30/19! 🎁 *FREE E-PUB ↟ The Solterian Keeper and the Enchanted Talisman ⇩ What would happen if people on Earth became aware that aliens have always walked among them? What if they learned the truth, that humans were aliens all along? In ancient times, humans depicted extra terrestrials as Gods through many communications left behind These so called Gods, genetically altered human DNA to create a better world and a race that could advance their existence without destroying each other in the process The extra terrestrials chose Earth for this new world and we became their children.Daniel Hargrove is obsessed with aliens When he is swept into a world he never knew existed, Daniel finds out his true identity As the Solterian Keeper, he must protect the home he has always known as Earth while fighting those who wish to destroy it Daniel learns that he must use his newfound strengths to battle the aliens who wish to abuse their God like powers It is the ultimate battle of good versus evil and the human race must depend on the Solterian Keeper to triumph over all.