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this is really a 4.5 |Free Book ♓ The Starborn ⚖ Powerful, alone and far from her family, Wia has found a path of her own but she is surprised to find it leading her to the arms of an AvatarBorn to a star, Wiali faced fifteen hundred years of stasis followed by ten years of work in the Citadel While frozen, the entire Archive of the Alliance ran through her mind, her education was controlled by her whimsWhen her father went nova, she was finally and definitely alone until the moment Suek s last Avatar came to tell her she was transferred from Citadel Aria to Citadel Lowel, the adjunct to Sector Guard Base UdellBraenar knew that Suek had chosen him for Wiali, but the mechanism by which they would meet again was a mystery until she walked into his life with a group of students trailing behind her From that moment on, he kept tabs on her until the day he could tell her that she was stuck working with him in deadly and dangerous situationsPlanets, power and infinite peril What girl doesn t want that sort of thing in her life