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As the Author of this book I obviously cannot be objective I think it will be a useful tool for people trying to figure out what they need to do to be a good manager of people It is designed to be a quick read and to take someone from the what the heck do I need to do to be successful stage to the Okay I am on the right track stage of their management career. Good quick readClearly gave ideas and plans on how to be successful The ideas, suggestions and attributes are items that I can apply to better service my team Excited to implement them into my playbook. Not very impressive book Does not say anything specific or different that you can take along with you and learn. {FREE} ⚝ The Ten Things A New Manager Must Get Right From The Start!: Managing People Simplified (Business Skills Handbook Series- Managing people 2) ⚠ Learn how to manage employees and become a good manager this weekendDon t ruin your chances of being a great boss by making the same stupid mistakes a typical new manager makes No matter how confident you are in your abilities there is always that defining moment that occurs as you transition from the excitement of being a new boss to the stomach churning fear that you might blow the opportunity to be a good boss Until you have been a supervisor for a long time there is no way you can be really good at it The problem is the world won t wait for you to learn on the job you need to be ready to earn the respect of your team from day oneThis book is designed to give you the wisdom ofyears of real world management skills experience packed in to a short powerful book you can read in one weekend to teach the management essentials you need to succeed It explains the common mistakes the typical new manager will make so you won t fall in to the same traps they have It explains the underlying motivations that prevent managers from being successful because they are trying to hard to be nice or too hard to be tough It explains how the New sheriff strategy can destroy your ability to create a high functioning team And it helps you learn the correct leader mindset you need to be the kind of boss that everyone will want to work for Learn to avoid the stupid errors a new manager tends to make Trying to be too nice Trying to be tough Trying to be the one with all the answers Trying to treat everyone the same Trying to impress Learn to avoid the neurotic blocks to your effectiveness as a leader The need to be liked, the need to be needed, the need to be right, the need to be treated fairly, the need to procrastinate, the need to value judge, and the need to resist reality are natural drives that keep people with a good heart from being a good boss Learn how to create the right leader mindset that will allow you to manage people effectively Leaders will experiment with new methods, a BossHole will only do it the way they were taughtLeaders know that there are very few black and white issues, a BossHole will think that everything is either black or whiteLeaders see the complexity in situations, a BossHole will see everything from their viewpoint onlyLeaders prioritize the important few from the irrelevant many, a BossHole will do things in chronological order Do you know the top ten mistakes that new supervisors make In this book you will not only learn what they are but learn how you can avoid making these preventable mistakes that cause your team to lose respect for you Would you rather be a respected leader who gets things done or a bad boss that people whisper about behind their backs This book presents a real world step by step method for understanding how to turn a bunch of people who work in the same place in to a group of people working together to get good stuff done Stop trying to figure this manager training out for yourself and let this book light the pathway to your success in building your management skills