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( Read Ebook ) Ô The Turquoise Sun ´ Encountering rival archaeologist Keane Trevalyan while excavating Anasazi cliff dwellings, Tanya discovers a mystical gemstone that transports them both back to the thirteenth century, where they are worshipped as gods by the Anasazi Original I got this book years ago at a buck a bag book sale at the local friends of the library book shop It is what made me a fan of the romance genre The protagonists are both likeable Tania is a relatable woman and not stupid or in need of constant saving She can take care of herself, for the most part Keane is also kept clear of all the classic rake tropes that can get so boring One of my favorite romance novels. Linda Sandifer is a wonderful northwestern romance writer You can t go wrong reading any of her books. I really like this book It has everything adventure, time travel, romance and it manages to do so without making you want to strangle either of the protagonists.