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[[ Read Epub ]] ò The Ultimate School Experience: A School with Soul Ø Is the education provided to your child the best that it can be What should an excellent school program include This book takes you on an exploration of a school environment that can and should be available to every child in the world The book discusses intellectual ideas that make learning fun But than just intellectual fun, it explores physical, financial, emotional and spiritual ideas and concepts that all children should have in The Ultimate School Experience A School With Soul Many of these ideas will encourage and stimulate adults to explore areas of their own self development and sense of adventure, as we are never too old to learn something new Helene Giroux has been an educator for overyears, and children are her inspiration She has spent most of her adult life in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Semi retired, she still teaches students with special needs These gifted children became the clients in my small school They came broken and often defeated, they hated school, they often hated teachers Suddenly they were in an environment completely different from anything they had ever experienced It was a joy to go to school each day, for them and for me Publisher s Website