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|Free Pdf ⚑ Understanding Contemporary American Conservatism ⚐ Contemporary American conservatism a melange of ideas, people, and organizations is difficult to define even conservatives themselves are unable to agree about its essential meaning Yet the conservative movement is well financed, exerts strong influence in the Republican Party, inspires followers throughout the land, and has spawned a network of think tanks and media outlets that are the envy of its competitors It is a powerful political force with which to be reckoned This book examines how that has come about and what contemporary conservatism signifies for US politics and policy It looks at the recent history of conservatism in America as well as its antecedents in the UK, traces changes over time using American National Election Study data fromto the present in what it means when people say they are conservatives, and assesses the prospects for American conservatism, both in the near term electoral context and over the longer term as well