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It is very rare to find a writer who can fully engage the reader so that he she feels that they are witness to a series of events as they are unfolding Here Jean Plaidy tells a story of Queen Victoria s life in Victoria s own voice Plaidy does it with such unerring skill that one can t help but wonder if Victoria herself had dictated this book to Plaidy Here we are given access to the full sweep of Victoria s life, from her birth in 1819 grand daughter to George III , her unhappy childhood with a greedy, selfish and controlling mother, her ascension to the throne in 1837, her marriage to her beloved Albert in February 1840, her 9 children, the death of Albert in 1861 which left Victoria bereft for the rest of her life, and the growth of Britain and her Empire during Victoria s long reign Reading this book was a delightful and enlightening experience If only all history could be explained to students in such a compelling and personal way as Plaidy has done so well here, perhaps of them would be eager to study it. @Free E-pub ⚾ Victoria Victorious: The Story of Queen Victoria õ In this unforgettable novel of Queen Victoria, Jean Plaidy re creates a remarkable life filled with romance, triumph, and tragedy.At birth, Princess Victoria was fourth in line for the throne of England, the often overlooked daughter of a prince who died shortly after her birth She and her mother lived in genteel poverty for most of her childhood, exiled from court because of her mother s dislike of her uncles, George IV and William IV A strong, willful child, Victoria was determined not to be stifled by her powerful uncles or her unpopular, controlling mother Then one morning, at the age of eighteen, Princess Victoria awoke to the news of her uncle William s death The almost forgotten princess was now Queen of England Even better, she was finally free of her mother s iron hand and her uncles manipulations Her first act as queen was to demand that she be given a room and a bed of her own.Victoria s marriage to her German cousin, Prince Albert, was a blissfully happy one that produced nine children Albert was her constant companion and one of her most trusted advisors Victoria s grief after Prince Albert s untimely death was so shattering that for the rest of her life nearly forty years she dressed only in black She survived several assassination attempts, and during her reign England s empire expanded around the globe until it touched every continent in the world.Derided as a mere girl queen at her coronation, by the end of her sixty four year reign, Victoria embodied the glory of the British Empire In this novel, written as a memoir by Victoria herself, she emerges as truthful, sentimental, and essentially human both a lovable woman and a great queen. So far I feel like there are two different Victorias one pre wedding and another post wedding I enjoyed the pre wedding Victoria very much, she was smart and witty The post wedding one is boring and almost weak, always belittling herself in favour of her husband.Her reaction to her pregnancies make me cringe everytime Surely she knew how pregnancies came about As for the book itself, I m finding it a bit difficult and maybe even desorganized There s little indication of the year the chapters, or even the events in each chapter, refer too and that makes it hard to form a chronological point of view of things, which I think would be helpful in understanding the historical and political parts of the book After finishing the book my opinion remains the same Victoria was not what i was expecting, she was not as strong as i thought and she actually relied on men a lot, not only her husband but her ministers.As for the book, it was poorly organized and very confusing.I m giving it two stars because I do like history and I learned a few things, otherwise it would be one star I m not sure I ll be giving the author another chance Plaidy s novels are never earth shattering for me but they are great comfort reads I especially like to listen to the audiobook while I take walks or drive to and from work Like her other novels in the Queens of England series, this one is a biographical novel that follows Queen Victoria from her birth to her death It is long and drawn out, and it contains natural lulls much like human lives do but I ve learned that this is par for the course when it comes to Plaidy I really enjoyed reading about this time period because I tend to read about earlier eras Though Plaidy s novels are not completely historically accurate they tend to lean toward older, out of date, or popular interpretations of historical characters , I really appreciate how she tries to stick to what we know about the characters personalities It would be so easy to change one or two events or quotes by the characters in order to make them likeable to the reader But they wouldn t be themselves then, now would they I am annoyed by Victoria s personality once she meets Albert She loses herself in him and she gives in to his ultra conservative demands She treats her eldest son, Bertie later King Edward VII unfairly simply because he is not like his father She is also quite jealous of her eldest daughter who is favored by Albert These are just a few examples of qualities that the real Victoria possessed that were less than stellar I also despised her politics but I enjoyed reading the book anyway because I think Plaidy remained true to the spirit of Queen Victoria, which is valid in itself I recommend this book to people just getting into his fic All of Plaidy s novels are a good place to start for his fic newbs I wish I d read them before diving in head first to the newer novels It s always great to experience the classics within the genre before you get to the newfangled publications which also have their place Overall, a very comprehensive, informative read about Queen Victoria from her birth to her death As usual, Plaidy provides an accurate account of the Queen and her relationships with those around her In my opinion, Victoria s lack of a father figure while growing up, which, in turn, leads her to seek the fulfillment of her emotional needs from the men that she meets in her life, and in particular, her husband, Albert Albert is very different from Victoria Although very handsome, Albert is a humorless man, with the highest of moral standards, who seeks to be regarded in his own right However, he finds himself not only cast in Victoria s shadow, but viewed as an outsider by the English people since he is of German descent Interestingly, Tsarina Alexandra would face similar criticism from the Russian people when they sought someone on whom to blame their problems.We find that Victoria s mothering skills need much to be desired, and it s interesting to see how her deference to Albert in regard to the rearing of those children impacts how the children grow up and the type of people that they become Victoria s prime ministers are also featured in much of the book, and again, each of these men exhibit paternal characteristics to Victoria that makes her of a follower, in my opinion, than a strong leader It s only until later in the book that Victoria begins to grasp her role as ruler, and the reader finds that she is able to contribute to the decision making process.There is so much detail that this almost 600 page read provides about Victoria, but I would encourage you to read it for your herself to gain a very good understanding of Victoria Plaidy s narrative tone, although told from the perspective of Victoria, sounds similar to the other women about which she writes so that I instantly found myself hearing Plaidy tell the story and not necessarily Victoria It s not a bad thing, but again, something that I observed about Plaidy s writing style. Victoria Victorious is a well written account of Queen Victoria s life, from her birth to her death Written and dramatised in first person point of view, I found that it infused soul and energy into her fascinating life.If only they could have made history books this interesting when I went to school This book suffers from being TOO accurate, if that makes sense Plaidy really and truly captures Victoria s voice as she tells of her life, but that doesn t mean her voice is something I want to hear She constantly describes things as dear or with other such epithets Every time she expresses herself or recalls a scene it is overflowing with emotion Her first Prime Minister Lord Melbourne seems to CONSTANTLY have tears in his eyes because his emotions for her are SO overpowering, and she is just SO touched about it that she cries TOO And once Albert comes around, forget it It s nothing but Dearest Albert He was so handsome The duets we played at the pianoforte The way his eyes sparkled How could anyone else even COMPARE Which is all to Plaidy s credit, of course, for most people know that Albert WAS the focal point of Victoria s life from the moment they met as teenagers and married He was her shining Galahad and NO ONE could ever take the shine off him, especially after he died and became, as a consequence, immortally remembered as her knight on a white horse But to me, the overabundance of emotion Victoria attached to everything up to and especially Albert became annoying and frustrating I lost interest and don t intend to finish this book, no matter how much I begrudgingly admire Plaidy s ability to immerse her writing so thoroughly in character A much better book on Victoria and Albert is We Two by Gillian Gill Highly recommended Victoria Victorious Jean Plaidy3.75 starsThis is a fictional biography of Queen Victoria She had an unhappy childhood, but she married someone she loved Albert , they had 9 children, who all lived This is a long book It s only the second book I ve read on Queen Victoria, the first was only a month ago, and also written by Plaidy, but that one only included her childhood there are sequels to that, so I will continue, but with larger gaps in between Most of what I ve read about British royalty was from the Tudors and earlier on, so 300 years earlier Some differences that happened in between included Royals being able to choose their spouses, and I found it interesting how much travel they did to see each other after Victoria s children moved away to other countries England now also had a Prime Minister, so decisions were not made by the monarchy, though they were discussed between the PM and the monarchy.It was interesting to learn about Queen Victoria, as well as the different world that England had become over 300 years I m not sure, historically, how her husband, Albert, is regarded, but I was not a big fan, given how he s described in this book Victoria loved him, but I didn t like him much I found her family life both as a child, and as an adult interesting than the politics in the book. 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