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!Download Book ⚖ Virgin Bred by the Minotaur Herd (Taken by the Minotaur Herd, #1) ♙ Haile has always been interested in history and ancient monsters.When her professor gives her the opportunity to visit an unexplored island rud to hold an ancient dark secret she jumps at the chance But the young undergrad finds herself in over her head when she becomes lost, alone on the island, and captured by monsters that hungers for virgin flesh The legendary beastmen, minotaurs.Captured, enslaved, and forced to breed with a heard of brawny bull minotaur studs, will Haile ever escape Or is this all that she s ever wanted Warning This 6000 word monster sex story is pure monster breeding erotica over 50% sex scenes , and contains a brutal forced gangbang with minotaurs, oral sex, huge cocks, pussy licking, anal sex, m f sex, domination, dubious consent, impregnation, double penetration, triple penetration, lots of cream pies, and interspecies breeding.Excerpt She could feel her folds brush across the warm, slippery juices that pooled inside.It was so humiliating to know that she couldn t hide her need from them The largest of the five came close his almost human eyes looked her up and down before he gave a gruff snort through his snout Haile believed that she could see his lip curl into a discernible half smile as he trotted closer so close that she found herself breathing into his bare, muscular chest He leaned down, his large muzzle resting against her generous cleavage and took a long sniff of air, drawing in her scent Her skin felt tingly, and the rush of air from his humid breath on her skin made her shudder, blushing as her breath sped up With the same confident smile, he grabbed her flimsy tank top and undershirt and ripped them off with a single, smooth, triumphant motion The rest of the bulls grunted their approval as her bare breasts were revealed to the herd Modesty will do you no good here, he said, gruffly tossing the shredded rags aside And to punctuate this statement, he threw off his own insubstantial covering, showing off his full, stiff cock The others drew closer, all at once, like a fog setting in She was helpless.Download now to read the entire dub con monster sex and virgin breeding adventure, including a 3500 word steamy sex scene.A young heroine will give into pleasures that she has never known, deflowered and bred by monsters, but will she become a mother to their herd