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( READ EBOOK ) ♫ Wes Craven: The Art of Horror ♕ Filmmaker Wes Craven has consistently and imaginatively scared movie audiences since the early s His films encompass a variety of styles, elements and themes, from the nihilistic existentialism of The Last House on the Left to the successful A Nightmare on Elm Street which sent horror in a bold new direction , to the hallucinatory dreamscapes of The Serpent and the Rainbow And in the nineties, Craven returned with the Scream films, which were simultaneously funny, clever and scary films that overturned the horror cliches of the eighties The present work provides a history of Craven s film career since , examining all the themes and techniques the filmmaker explored For each film, a synopsis, cast and credits, historical context, and critical commentary are provided Also covered in detail are Craven s forays into television, including movies such as Stranger in the House and work on such series as The New Twilight Zone