{DOWNLOAD} Ù When Pancakes Go Bad: Optical Delusions with Adobe Photoshop å eBook or E-pub free

Really good Not just a normal PS for n00bs book. RIP W1K This is a good Photoshop book developed by the now defunct worth1000 website It was a community project with tutorials made by some of the then best shoppers on the web Although a bit dated since they were written with Photoshop 7 8 in mind it is still a good reference I may be biased though as I was a regular on the site and watched the book grow from the ground up. Worth1000 shows some of its best PhotoShopped work along with some tutorials Not that great.Not enough pictures, and tutorials are confusing. {DOWNLOAD} è When Pancakes Go Bad: Optical Delusions with Adobe Photoshop º This book is for readers who find themselves looking at funny images and thinking Hey, how d they do that Readers will learn how to have fun with photos, such as taking still images and making the characters in them invisible while leaving the clothes untouched and combining images of animals to produce unrealistic characters With the growing use of digital cameras, this kind of photographic humor is commonly desired by a large audience both average digital camera users who like cartoon collections as well as those looking to learn Adobe Photoshop This book is meant to be funny, but it s also very educational The end of chapter tutorials are tongue in cheek, yet contain useful, easy to understand information Organized into chapters by the general theme of the images, this book is packed with fun and interesting photos that will keep readers entertained until the end