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Yes this is a children s book but the pictures arefun and add to the story Love love love wegmans stories and calenders Fun and fast book to enjoy. William Wegman s second best Lots of really good deadpan humor.If I were as good natured as Chip, I would be a lot happier. the only book by wegman i haven t liked the pictures are the same and the text reads like a new yorker s version of farm life. Hmm, does not depict realistic farm activities and the pictures are a little bit creepy. [ DOWNLOAD KINDLE ] ⚇ William Wegman's Farm Days ⚑ In this latest offering by renowned photographer William Wegman, his lovable weimaraners decide to try their hand at farmingCity boy Chip is tired of the city What could be better than going to visit his country cousins, the McDoubles, to learn all about farming With the help of Farmer Chundo and Batty and Crooky McDouble, Chip quickly learns the four Ws of farming watering, weeding, waiting and whatever Farming has never been so much fun Fun photos Great to read with kids.