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An Artwork from Epic Playstation game Beautiful picturial book It s an expensive collectors item. I say read It s in Japanese I imported this gorgeous work for the gorgeous art in it I was not disappointed I haven t looked at it in years though. Beautiful art book, givesinsight to some of those obscure moments in the game s story This book is the ultimate for Xenogears fans We get to see the almost complete story of Xenogears for the first time in one place There are tons of images of development artwork as well as interesting interviews with various members of the development team Do note that this is in Japanese, and I found the language level to be at a fairly advanced level That fact didn t stop me from enjoying the book, albeit with frequent kanji lookups and many trips to the Japanese English dictionary. {Download} ⛎ Xenogears Perfect Works: The Real Thing ô Xenogears Perfect Works The Real Thing , known simply as Perfect Works, is a book covering the storyline of Xenogears In addition, Perfect Works describes an enormous backstory of Xenogears, including world building and canonical character details that never made it to the game s scriptPerfect Works also contains a timeline which corresponds similarly to the Xenosaga series However, like other games in the Xeno series, it is a separate universe from XenosagaPerfect Works has been unofficially translated to English by fans